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    Post by Percy on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:36 am

    Thought it would be good to have a separate thread for the search warrants for easier reference.

    Warrant 1

    From Sam:
    2 Oral swabs
    10 fingernail swabs
    1 black Eastport bag & contents
    1 black hoodie
    1 black t-shirt
    1 pair black shoes & black socks
    1 pair black pants w/ red stripe
    1 necklace w/ initials SKR & inverted crosses
    1 pair black undershorts

    From Bag:
    Kodak digital camera
    Motorola cell phone
    1 Patriot thumb drive
    4GB SD memory card
    3 paper/towels with writing
    Wadded up paper towels
    7 music promo cards
    1 concert ticket
    $11.70 in currency
    1 black wallet
    1 Bank of America card
    1 California ID card
    1 High school ID card
    1 photo copy of ID card
    1 Hollywood video card
    1 Napier towing business card
    1 JJ Acoustics business card
    1 BART card
    1 Xbox Live card
    1 service invoice from Billy Craft Honda w/ writing on back
    1 VA uniform summons
    Phone book page
    4 black t-shirts
    3 pr black underwear
    1 black/red bandana
    1 pr black sweat pants
    2 yogurt cups
    1 can of Tag
    1 fork
    1 American Airlines boarding pass
    1 BOA card
    1 Kroger receipt
    1 Marlboro cig box
    1 Kodak battery charger
    1 bag w/toiletries
    1 lighter
    1 set of house keys
    2 IPods


    Warrant 2

    From Home:
    Hewlett Packard Pavilion PC, model A600D
    LG Verizon Photo Cellular Telephone, Model VX8300
    Scandisk 80GB Storage Drive, Model E280
    4.25 MB thumb drive w/Longwood Logo


    Warrant 3

    Items at police station in evidence room:
    Motorola cell phone
    Lexar 2GB SD memory card
    Kingston 2GB SD memory card
    Panasonic telephone and charger
    Envelope containing compact disc
    Kodak Easyshare Z1285 digital camera
    Motorola L7C cell phone
    Top Ram 4GB SD memory card
    Patriot XT 4GB thumb drive
    80 GB IPod
    4GB IPod
    Sony CD
    Kingston 2 GB thumb drive
    Patriot 4 GB thumb drive
    HP Pavilion DV6500 Laptop Computer
    Belkin thumb drive
    Envelope containing 2 compact discs
    Custom made computer tower, model TR2-430W
    Paper bag with 4 hard drives (2 - Western Digital,Maxtor,Hitachi Desk Star)
    Paper bag w/ 4 misc. CDs and DVDs
    Envelope with compact discs
    IPod Shuffle
    Model 568 DXG Digital Camera
    Envelope w/5 CDs
    Envelope w/ assorted CDs
    Envelope w/assorted CDs and 4 DVDs
    Paper bag w/4 USB devices (2GB thumb drive, Comcast 128 MB thumb drive, Pilot mouse laser wireless USB device, Coby audio player USB device)
    Kodak Easyshare Z885 digital camera
    Compaq computer tower
    Kodak Easyshare C713 digital camera
    JVC camcorder
    Pink Polaroid i633 digital camera


    Warrants 4,5,6

    Warrant 4
    Myspace records:
    3 compact discs containing records of myspace.com
    Accounts of friend ID #’s


    Warrant 5
    US Cellular records:

    Subscriber Info & call detail records
    Text message data


    Warrant 6


    Warrant 7

    From Home:

    Item Description Location
    1) Sharpie marker = Bedroom
    2) Knife w/ red stain = Bedroom
    3) Wallet w/ contents = Bedroom
    4) Rag w/ red stain = Den
    5) Wet hair = Den
    6) Rag/Shirt w/ red stain = Den
    7) GSR Emma N. = Hands
    8 ) GSR Melanie W. = Hands
    9) GSR Mark N. = Hands
    10) GSR Debra K. = Hands
    11) Plastic Wrapper (M.N.)
    12) Plastic Wrapper (M.W.)
    13) Plastic Wrapper (E.N.)
    14) Plastic Wrapper (D.K.)
    15) Maggots in Alcohol = Hair (Item #5)
    16) Cig box / Lighter = Lvng Rm Table
    17) Motorolla cell phone = Lvng Rm Table
    18) Pills = Lvng Rm
    19) Maul w/ red stain = Kitchen
    20) Kroger Receipt = Kitchen

    43) Cleaver = Frnt Bdrm
    44) Ballpeen Hammer = Frnt Bdrm
    45) SKR Posters x2 = Frnt Bdrm
    46) Handwritten Letter = Frnt Bdrm Dresser
    47) Posters x4 = Bdrm Door
    48) Posters x5 = Wall @ Headboard
    49) Posters - closet door = Bdrm Clst Dr
    50) Sketch books x4 = Bdrm Trunk
    51) Wms. Underwear = Bdrm Bed
    52) Aquafina Bottle = Bdrm Dresser
    53) Swab w/ red stain = Chair in Bdrm
    54) Pr. Eyeglasses w/ stain = Bdrm Floor
    55) SD Card 2GB = Bdrm Floor @ ft. bed
    56) Swabs x2 = Rt Sd of Sofa Den Flr
    57) Swabs x2 = Front of Den Chair
    58) Papertowels w/ stain = Under Den Chair
    59) Blue Sundress w/ stain = Under Den Chair
    60) Blue Towel - red stain = Under Den Chair
    61) Blk. Hooded Shirt = Under Den Chair
    62) SD Card 2GB = Spkr @ Rt. Of TV
    63) Chair leg & Towel = Behind Den Chair
    64) Papertowel w/ stain = Under Den Rug
    65) Pillow Swabs x2 = Behind Hasack
    66) Polk-a-Dot Pillow Swab = Rt Sd of Sofa
    67) Swabs w/stain - Den rug = Den Rug
    68) Swabs w/ stain = Under Den Chair
    69) Swabs w/ stain = Blanket - Rt Sd of Den
    70) Amp Energy can & Coaster = Den Table
    71) Waterbottles x2 = Den Table
    72) Note w/ number = Lvng Rm Table
    73) Kroger Receipt = Lvng Rm Table
    74) Goodwill Donation Rcpt = Lvng Rm Table
    75) Panasonic Tel.&Charger = Lvng Rm Shelf
    76) Swabs w/ stain = Lvng Rm Scatter Rug
    77) Swabs w/ stain = Pillow - Lvng Rm- Sofa
    78) Empty Newport Cig box = Kitchen Table
    79) Dairy Queen wrapper = Kitchen Table


    And finally...

    Warrant 8

    From Mark Neiderbrock’s Honda:

    Sony CD-R 700MB
    1 Plastic wrapper w/ brown substance
    Hair’s & Fibers – Driver’s compartment
    (10) Digital media from underneath radio
    Liquid from Twist Up soda can
    Twist Up soda can
    Liquid from Diet Pepsi can
    Diet Pepsi can
    Kingston 2GB thumb drive
    Cigarette Lighter
    Half burnt cig butt
    Patriot x-mini 4GB thumb drive
    Blue pill in wrapper w/ hair
    Hairs & Fibers – console area – gear shift area
    1 Folding knife
    1 Empty pill bottle w/ name Deborah Kelly
    3 pills 2 white, 1pink
    1 Ibuprofen bottle with 4 green pills & 6 rust color
    1 black in color with red stripe pants w/ lots of hair fiber
    1 Lipton tea bottle w/ liquid
    2 white pills
    Hairs & Fibers – front passenger seat
    1 spiral notebook w/ various writings & red stains
    Red material w/ hair that came from item #223
    Pill bottle w/ pills, pills from passenger floor board
    Cig butt between console & passenger seat w/ hair fiber, w/ a pair of tweezers
    Pill bottle containing 23 blue tablets, 5 Watson 825 pills, also 1 Watson 825 from floor & 1 pill Maxalt MLT prepackaged pill – all underneath passenger seat
    4 Soda cans in right side near floor board
    1 HP Pavilion Laptop computer, also several cables for it with red stains on them, also 1 Netflix movie w/ the title “The Last House on the Left”
    1 Ticket from concert w/ red stains on it
    2 Socks w/ hair
    1 White pill (Watson 825) located in right rear floor area
    Right rear door – latent print lift
    Right front door – latent print lift
    Drivers door – latent print lift
    Assorted documents


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