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    heartbreaking death by bully


    heartbreaking death by bully Empty heartbreaking death by bully

    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:20 pm


    Heartbreaking story and absolutely 100% matches my experience. Schools do nothing, parents of bullies tend to encourage such behavior, and the kid sticking up for himself is often the one in trouble.
    Because... the bullies are the more socially advanced kids. They are better at manipulating the system. The adults tend to like them. It is the akward kids the get bullied, the ones that are invivible, and the ones that cannot articulate what happened when something goes wrong.

    I hate to be the cynic but any new law does nothing to prevent it. Same bullies will be manipulating the system. Same kids will be getting away with it. Same kids will be victims.

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